7 Ways to Get Your Employees Moving in 2018

It’s officially 2018 and we are excited. The new year always seems like a fresh start, even if it is freezing cold outside. While you are busy making your own personal resolutions (that we hope you will keep), why not consider making some for your employees as well? A few years ago, ‘sitting is the new smoking,’ was a phrase you would hear everywhere. We would like to encourage you to not allow your employees to be sedentary all year long, but use some (or all) of these eight way to get your employees moving. 

7) Incentivized Step Counting Campaigns– This is one of our favorite ways to get employees moving throughout the year. By providing a step counter to each of your employees (and their families, if you wish), you can award points to them by achieving a certain number of steps every day or week. Those points can then be used to ‘purchase’ certain rewards. These can be anything from Amazon Gift Cards to PTO days. This is a fun and easy way to get everyone in the office involved in healthier lifestyles. For an added bonus, make a portion of everyone’s reward points available to be given to charity.

6) Standing Desks, Exercise Balls, etc.The days of requiring your employees to sit at a desk for long hours are over. Offer them alternative ways to work on their computers throughout the day. Whether that includes standing desks, exercise balls, or even treadmills to walk on as they work, give your people the opportunity to move while they work.

5) In-Office Yoga Can be Fun!Changing conference room B into a yoga studio once a week after business hours could be a fun way to encourage your employees to get some exercise. This is also a relatively inexpensive way to provide yoga classes to your staff.

4) Gym Membership DiscountsIt’s true that many organizations now offer standard gym membership discounts as part of their benefits package. If your company doesn’t offer them, they are a great way to give your people a cheaper option for health and wellness. Get your people moving by incentivizing them to go to the gym.

3) On-Site Exercise Facilities If you have an office that is big enough, you may want to consider adding a gym on to your business’ campus. This way your employees have the flexibility to work out on their lunch breaks without leaving the office. If you’re not able to offer a full gym, setting up an unused conference room as an exercise space is a quick and easy way to give people a place to move and stretch during the day.

2) Nutrition CounselingWhile this doesn’t seem directly exercise related, giving your people access to one-on-one nutrition counseling could make a huge difference in their health and wellness. Give your people as many resources as possible to promote good health and healthy eating choices.

1) Hourly Stretch BreaksProductivity is a must, but it doesn’t necessarily mean staring at your computer without a break for several hours. Allow your people to get up and walk around the office or stretch for five-ten minutes of every hour and see how much more they accomplish in a day.

Whatever you choose to do, make 2018 the year of healthy living in your office. You may be amazed to see how little changes in office culture can make large differences in people’s productivity and engagement throughout the day. We’d love to hear if any of these options worked for you. Check us out on Twitter or Facebook to tell us your personal stories!