What is a PEO?

Businesses are complicated entities that consist of multiple moving parts.
Whether you are selling a product or providing a service, the true test for longevity in any industry is the quality of your employees. Idilus can help your business of any size boost morale, increase employee retention, and grow.
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How Payroll Compliance Can Effect Your Business

If you are a small business owner or startup founder, what did your week look like? Were you busy with meetings? Product development? Sales? Whatever you were focused on, we’re sure that administrative duties like payroll and employee compliance were low on your list of priorities…

Lloyd Group Named Among World’s Premier MSPs

Our client and partner Lloyd Group has been named as one of the world’s premier Managed Services Providers in the prestigious 2022 Channel Futures MSP 501 rankings. They have been selected as one of the few technology industry’s top-performing providers of managed services by the editors of Channel Futures. Click here to read the full […]

3 Ways Small Businesses Benefit From Using a PEO

A professional employer organization (PEO) provides comprehensive HR solutions for small and mid-size businesses. Payroll, benefits, HR, tax administration, and regulatory compliance assistance are some of the many services PEOs provide to growing businesses across the country.

The Workplace and Delta Variant

While employers have been navigating adjustments to their workplace post COVID, they are now dealing with the rise of the Delta variant.  CLICK HERE for a Bloomberg Philanthropies “Road to Recovery” video with Dr. Caitlin Rivers. SHRM has been helping us answer big problems that we are facing in this post pandemic world.  CLICK HERE for their insightful article […]

SHRM is Leading the Way Back

Being in the people performance business and acting as this platform for our clients, we always want to share the most current and helpful information regarding today’s workplace environment.   SHRM has been helping us answer big problems that we are facing in this post pandemic world.  CLICK HERE for a great article on how […]

Community Health Equity During Covid

Health equity is when everyone has the opportunity to be as healthy as possible. Long-standing systemic health and social inequities have put many racial and ethnic minority groups at increased risk of getting sick and dying from COVID-19. To stop the spread of COVID-19 and move toward greater health equity, we must work together to […]

Re-Opening Your Business-Guidance from CDC

This guidance is intended for all Americans, whether you own a business, run a school, or want to ensure the cleanliness and safety of your home. Reopening America requires all of us to move forward together by practicing social distancing and other daily habits to reduce our risk of exposure to the virus that causes COVID-19. Reopening […]

Company Culture Matters

In the world of business, buzz words like employee retention, employee engagement, and company culture are thrown around at alarming rates. There is great debate as to whether any of the above listed concepts carry much meaning. What is employee retention? Company culture? These seemingly nebulous concepts all really amount to one thing: the way your people feel when they are at work. So, who sets the metrics on good company culture and employee retention? If you fail to set clear parameters when it comes to company culture, you may realize that employee retention is more difficult and find yourself with a mutiny on your hands.

Simple Scale: The Ultimate Business Hack for Entrepreneurs

Before you start to read this article, we encourage you do some research on the startup lifestyle. It is a well agreed upon fact that starting, building, funding, and growing a startup or small business is intensely difficult. In fact, many sources suggest that at minimum, building a successful startup can require its people to work somewhere between seventy and one hundred hours a week for the first three to five years of a new company. If your startup is one of the few that has actually succeeded, you may find that you are still working around the clock to keep your vision alive. We list these facts and figures not to scare you or to deter you from chasing the entrepreneurial dream. We just want to ask one simple question: What if there were an easier way?