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As a Compass Agent, you have our full support, not just when it comes to your business but also when it comes to your wellbeing. As CEOs and entrepreneurs, you deserve access to the benefits that help you grow and succeed.



Medical: Individual & family coverage for dependents under the age of 26.


Vision: Guaranteed issued individual and family plans available through MetLife.


Dental: Guaranteed issued individual and family plans available through MetLife.


Flexible Spending Account: Dedicated account funded with pre-tax dollars, allowing you to pay for certain out-of-pocket health care, dependent care, and commuter costs.

Life, AD&D, & More

Additional Benefits Include: Life Insurance, Accidental Death and Dismemberment (AD&D), and an Employee Assistance Program (EAP)


(Group Plan ONLY): Disability insurance provides benefits that replace part of your lost income in the event you are unable to work due to a covered illness or injury.



Agents and their teams associated with Compass (and their subsidiaries) are eligible to participate in the program.

Enrollment Portal is currently closed and will reopen on

April 1st, 2020



Step 1

Enrollment Application

Step 2

Agent Healthcare Program Orientation

Step 3

Enrollment / Payroll Setup

Step 4

Approve your Invoice and Payroll

Step1: Enrollment Application

Please do not cancel any existing coverage until you have completed all steps for enrollment and you have received confirmation.

In order to enroll in the program, you will be required to complete some simple health questions and you will move to Step 2, Orientation.


Step 2: Agent Healthcare Program Orientation

We have developed a video to ensure you have a good understanding of how the program works and to enhance your enrollment experience. The video will be part of the enrollment process and you will be required to show your understanding of the program through answering some basic questions on-line.

Click HERE to preview the VIDEO now.


Step 3: Enrollment / Payroll Setup

In order for an agent affiliated with Compass to participate in this group benefit program being offered, the agent must establish an employment relationship with an employee staffing company owned by IdilusHR.  That staffing company is named Employers Network Systems (ENS).

In this step, you will complete your billing and payroll setup information, and select your insurance plans.

Your initial invoice will include a one-time enrollment fee of $100.00 and a monthly recurring administration fee of $75.00.


Step 4: Approve your Invoice and Payroll

Under this program, an agent will pay themself a minimum payroll monthly. This minimum payroll will be based on 30 hours per week at the mandated minimum wage in the area the agent conducts business. Please note that this arrangement does not change your 1099 status with Compass or how Compass remits your commissions payments.

You will receive an invoice which details the amount that is withdrawn from your account for payment each month, and how the payroll is computed and paid.

Again, we recommend you discuss this program with your accountant to ensure you understand how this impacts you from a business and tax perspective as well.

As a new member of ENS you will need to complete Employment Eligibility Verification, Form I-9. This is a web-based part of the enrollment process. You will receive an email asking yo uto complete section one of Form I-9, then identify a person (must be over 18) to review and attest to the authenticity of the pieces of identification that you have selected from the list provided on Form I-9. You will be required to send an email to the person you have identified to attest to your documents, and they will sign off on section two of Form I-9. Timely completion is essential to completing your enrollment and must be completed prior to the effective date of your insurance coverage.


IdilusHR is a firm that an employer can use to outsource some or all of its employee management tasks including, partnering with Idilus to act as the employer of record for all employees. While the business owner continues to remain 100% in control of the staff and the decisions, Idilus leverages the collective buying power of all of their clients. In-turn, Idilus is able to negotiate premium rates and services that rival the efficiency of an organization with thousands of employees.

Enrollment Portal Opens on the 1st and Closes on the 10th Each Month


I am an Individual Compass Agent

Enrollment Portal Opens on the 1st and

Closes on the 10th Each Month

I am an Agent with a team

If you have 2 or more W-2 employees on your team (including yourself), click the button below for more information on the available group program designed to support your entire team!



Speak with a knowledgeable benefit program representative at 1-866-415-2546 (Open 7:30 am-6:00 pm Central Time Monday through Friday)