Does Wellness Fall Under Employee Health Plans and Benefits?

If you’ve been following the blog these past few weeks, you know that we’ve been focusing on employee health and wellness with wild abandon. Why are we doing this? Because the health, wellness, and general well-being of your staff is important to you and your business. On average, people spend more time at their place of work than they do at home with their own families. A massive value add to traditional benefits packages can be a comprehensive wellness program.

As a human resources firm, we emphasize people. All elements of staffing are our bread and butter. We spend a lot of time with our clients addressing benefits packages for their staff. We hear questions like, “What is the appropriate amount of health insurance to provide my employees?” “How do we meet their healthcare needs as a company?” “What are some cost effective ways for us to provide good benefits without breaking our budget?” If any of these questions sound like ones that you have asked when outlining benefits packages for your staff, read on. We may have a few answers for you.

What can health and wellness programs do for your company?

As a manager or small business owner, do you often look out after lunch and see your staff lagging, checking their watches, and hoping to head home? While clock-watching is every manager’s worst nightmare, it can also be due to low energy from poor diet and lack of exercise in employees. Cut down on clock watching and do your best to help your people fire on all cylinders by considering a few of these ideas:

  • Incentivized health and wellness campaigns
  • Healthy lunch and snack options in the breakroom and at corporate events
  • On-site gym or offer discounted gym memberships
  • Office blood drives and other wellness campaigns
  • Mental health days once per quarter as part of employee benefits and PTO


If you implement some or all of these ideas, you can help your people by having lower long-term health costs, and save money on insurance for your entire company. You can also ensure focus and engagement within your company, as your people are confident that their health and well-being is at the center of your business’ concerns.

What is an effective way to integrate a wellness program into your existing benefits package?

If you read one of our previous posts about the scary reality of what we all pay for healthcare, you will not be surprised that Idilus as a company is looking to change the game in the way employers approach health insurance. In addition to offering low rate, comprehensive health, dental, and vision insurance, we believe that wellness plans should be offered as part of a benefits packages. If you plan to implement a wellness campaign into existing employee benefits, utilize your human resources department to present the new wellness initiative to your staff. Let your people know that the company will be offering new ways for employees to take their health seriously.

When it comes to obtaining new talent and prospecting new hires, the ability to present a wellness campaign alongside existing health care plans can be a way to show new talent how much total body health means to anyone who works for you. Before the person ever commits to joining your team, you can show them that your business takes good care of its people and cares about them long term.

No matter how many people you employ, your people’s health and wellness is an important part of what your company offers in return for your people’s commitment to the company. Show your employees that you care by giving them ways to take better care of themselves. It will save you in the long run.