How Can You Provide Healthy Food Options and Benefit Your Employees?

Whether it be a traditional nine-to-five workday or a more flex schedule, employees all have one thing in common: they get hungry.

If you provide snacks and lunches to your staff at regular intervals throughout the year, good for you! Feeding your people can be a wonderful way to show appreciation, and encourage engagement and camaraderie in the office.

If you don’t offer snacks or meals to your employees, that is also okay. Check out some of our previous posts for ideas on how to reward your people for being the backbone of your company throughout the year. If you do- giving your people healthy options for snacks and lunches may be a great way to promote an atmosphere of health and wellness in your office. Below we’ve listed out some quick tips and tricks for transforming your office snack closet into a health food oasis.

Healthy doesn’t have to mean expensive and boring- Whole Foods has earned the nickname Whole Paycheck, and with good reason. Buying organic and antibiotic free foods can feel like they are draining your bank account, especially if you are feeding fifty to a thousand people in an office. But not all healthy snacks are expensive. Simple carbs like popcorn, protein packs that include cheeses and lunch meats, or peanut butter and crackers are all examples of healthier choices that can be purchased on a budget. Keep in mind that food fuels the brain. Help your employees work harder and more efficiently without that sugar crash that comes with eating sweets and candy.

Take all your employees into account- While Carl from marketing may be more than happy to munch on cheese puffs and soda all day long, chances are that at least a few members of your staff are gluten free, lactose intolerant, vegan/vegetarian- the list goes on and on. Keep in mind that not all food restrictions are voluntary, and are not always related to health concerns either. Some people don’t consume meat for religious reasons. Show your employees you care by offering snack and lunch options that cater to all of your staff’s needs. That means you can offer one vegetarian option at your corporate lunch. Most restaurants and catering companies can take these concerns into account for you as well.

We are not suggesting that you restrict everything. Pizza days are beloved in almost any setting: home, office, or school. Burgers and fries every third Wednesday of the month may be the thing that your entire staff looks forward to, especially during long workdays. The key is to listen to your staff and try to support their dietary needs. If you do plan to do something like pizza, burgers and fries or ice cream socials, make sure you give your staff enough notice so that people can plan to bring their own food if they’re not interested in what you’re offering.

Your employees’ health and wellness should be important to you. Chances are, as a business owner, you are paying for your employees’ health plans. The more healthy life choices your staff makes, the healthier they are, and the lower your costs will be. If you provide healthy snacks and lunches, you are employing a simple strategy to encourage healthy lifestyles in your team.

At Idilus, our passion is to companies and their staff. Take care of your employees in this new year by encouraging them to seek health and wellness in every area of their lives. For more ideas on how to promote wellness in the office, click here.