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Partner with us to grow your business when you utilize our HR support solutions. At Idilus HR, we work with companies throughout the United States. Our goal is to provide clients with the best practices for a number of different areas. Speak with us today to learn more about our options.

Hands-On HR Support Solutions

Your clients turn to you for the best advice. But when they have questions about burdensome regulatory compliance issues, increasing labor costs, and other HR challenges, who can you turn to? As a member of our Trusted Advisors Partner Program, our company offers services that allow you to deliver comprehensive outsourced human resource services to your clients while we provide referrals and added revenues to your business.

What is the Trusted Advisors Partner Program?

The Trusted Advisors Partner Program is designed for accountants, attorneys, and other business professionals who want to leverage the growing HR outsourcing market in order to grow their own businesses.

Why Partner With Us?

We have extensive experience helping small businesses overcome their HR obstacles, so you can feel confident that your clients will receive the same impeccable levels of service and expertise that they have come to expect from you.


Partner with the right company for the business support you need. At Idilus HR, we offer specialty solutions to help our clients grow their businesses. Our company serves the needs of organizations throughout the country.

Protect & Grow Your Company With Business Support

More than 50 percent of businesses already outsource at least some aspect of their HR services, and that number continues to grow year after year as human resource management increases in complexity and government regulations become more demanding. By joining our Trusted Advisors Partner Program, you will take advantage of these service options.

What Is Our Trusted Advisors Partner Program?

Designed for brokers, insurance agents, and financial advisors, the program allows you to offer our suite of services to your clients, adding another value-added business support service to your offerings while adding a new revenue stream to your bottom line.

Why Should You Partner With Us?

While other HR outsourcing providers and professional employer organizations (PEOs) may encroach on your clients, we work with you to not only protect your existing business, but add new clients as well. We help you accomplish this by serving as an agile, responsive, and committed strategic partner.
Contact our team in Warrenville, Illinois, to speak with us about your business support needs. Our staff works with clients throughout the United States.