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As a StartUp founder you have one job…leading your team to earn market share and grow revenue. Getting wrapped up in HR paperwork, payroll, benefits management and compliance is distracting, time consuming and honestly a little scary! SimpleScale by IdilusHR empowers organizations to attract and retain the best talent in the market, while seamlessly scaling your team.

5 Common HR Issues Facing Startups

  1. Top Talent: attract qualified candidates that fit your company.
  2. Culture: Communicating expectations that define your culture.
  3. Office Politics: avoiding office cliques and bring everyone together.
  4. Millennials: perceived lack of responsibilities affecting commitment.
  5. Retention: employees may leave for perceived greater stability.

The SimpleScale Advantage for Startups

  1. Time: One less thing to focus on as founders already working long hours
  2. Talent: Growing at fast pace means hiring the right people
  3. Standards: Creates Handbooks to set employee expectations
  4. Compliance: Min. risk and keep up with extensive governmental regulations
  5. Costs: Save on admin & healthcare through SimpleScale's buying power

Four Services. One Comprehensive Solution.


Attracting and retaining top talent means offering the best benefits package available. The SimpleScale program includes Fortune 100 level benefits including health, life, dental, vision, a 401k and more to all employees.


Mitigate the Risks - New hire paperwork, personnel conduct training, terminating a position…we have the experience and expert advice to walk you through every task. Investors don't like law suits.


We do it all. Your team members are paid on time, every-time. With access to our secure portal, we keep you in compliance while managing taxes and deductions for everyone on your team.


From creating your employee handbook to developing custom culture guides, Idilus HR is eager to empower and focus your team on important issues, while passionately fostering employee engagement.

"We're passionate about your startup succeeding"