Our company believes that we have a personal responsibility to do our part – no matter how big or small – to improve society. All of us here at Idilus have committed to actively finding solutions to issues of Social Justice through the following beliefs:

As a society, we must treat all people regardless of race, color, gender/gender choice, religion, creed, national origin, etc. with respect and dignity.

As the wealthiest country in the world, no American child or adult should ever need to worry about whether or not they have enough to eat.

Healthcare and mental health should be a right, NOT a privilege.

Every child deserves access to world-class technology so they may obtain safe and rigorous educational opportunities, while educators deserve to teach safely and be paid appropriately for their essential work.

All those who represent us through positions in Local, State, and Federal Government have a moral responsibility to bring people together in order to solve problems rather than divide and degrade.

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