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Q: I need to hire a new employee.  What do I do?

A: After you have selected a new employee and decided on a start date, you can enter the employee’s basic information, like their name and email address in isolved’s onboarding system.
Candidates received a welcome email and instructions to complete online paperwork for compliance, taxes, and other personal information.

After the employee completes their sections of the program, the worksite manager can verify the I-9, completing the new hire program.

Q: I need to let an employee go.  Can Idilus help me with this?

A: Certainly!  We call this process “offboarding.”  Clients often have difficulty letting employees go; it is emotionally challenging and a process that requires some experience to do well.  Idilus will help you develop a checklist of all the information you need and all the pending items that need to be addressed with a departing employee and walk your on-site manager through the termination to make sure meaningful conversations, like the offer of COBRA coverage, are not missed.  Every state has different rules and regulations about final pay.

We coordinate the return of separation agreements, company equipment, and final payrolls.

Q: Do you have software or an app for employees?

A: The HRIS tools we use are from isolved hcm.  Portals exist for both managers and employees.  Employees can download an isolved app from the app store supported by their device.

Q: Our state requires annual sexual harassment prevention training.  Is this something Idilus does?  Does it cost extra?

A: Several states require annual sexual harassment prevention training for employees and managers.  If you have employees in one of these states, Idilus will distribute online training that fulfills the state’s requirements for no additional charge.

Q: Can we run a background check or a drug screen through Idilus?  How much will it cost?

A: Yes!  Idilus partners with a firm that assists us with compliant background checks and drug screens.  Checks may cost different amounts based on the jurisdiction involved.  In general, a standard background check package is approximately $80.

Q: What is included in your standard background check?

A: The standard background check includes Couty Criminal Search (7 years), National Criminal Search, Sex Offender Search, SSN Trace, and Global Watchlist Search.

Q: What changes for employees when we join a PEO like Idilus?

A: Idilus will manage payroll, administer benefits, and support your HR team.  Idilus will issue your W2s to employees and file your company’s federal and state wage reporting under our tax ID number.  Employees will receive information about how to log in and use a new employee portal to receive paystubs, particular messages, and essential information from you and Idilus.  Employees will see Idilus on their pay stubs and should direct employment verification to

Q: Will you send me Labor Law posters for my location(s)?

A: All required labor postings are available to employees through their employee portal.  If you would like us to order break room/facility posters, please get in touch with your HR Manager and request this

Q: Does my company need an Employee Handbook/Manual?

A: If your company has specific policies about attendance, the office, and time off, we suggest that you document the rules of those policies to prevent any confusion as you grow.  You do not need to have an Employee Handbook.  However, it is a great way to help demonstrate your organization’s culture.

Q: Does Idilus manage requests for information from unemployment?

A: Yes! When we bring a client on board, we request a Limited Power of Attorney that allows us to receive unemployment claim information requests directly from the agency.  We may need to request specific information about an employee’s separation, but we will receive and respond to all requests from the agency.

Q: I’m an independent contractor.  How come I received a W2 from Employers Network Systems?

A: Although you may consider yourself an independent contractor when you joined Employer Network Systems, the staffing firm, you elected to become an employee and receive a W2.

Q: I am an employee of Employer Network Systems.  Why do I receive an invoice with my payroll?

A: As part of ENS, you may be both a small company owner and an employee of the staffing company.  If so, you may see the company’s invoice each month.  The invoice will show the wages your company is paying you and the charges for any benefits you have elected.  Please click here for more details.

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