Senior Leadership

Michael Colucci

Founder & CEO

Michael Colucci is a seasoned healthcare consultant who founded Idilus, LLC with the goal of offering exceptional consulting services to businesses in the medical industry. With over three decades of experience in healthcare consulting, Michael is a highly respected and intuitive problem solver who possesses the ability to manage and motivate people, as well as navigate and resolve conflicts with tact and diplomacy. He has also demonstrated a keen entrepreneurial acumen and a clear vision for the future.


Idilus, LLC started as a medical consulting firm, but as it grew, Michael recognized the need for medical practices for employer services. He astutely identified this as an opportunity to expand the company’s service offerings and added this line of business to provide comprehensive employer services to medical practices.


Michael holds a Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Detroit, a Master’s Degree in Clinical Social Work from Wayne State University in Detroit, MI, and an MBA in Business from Michigan State University. In addition, he pursued his passion for law by attending Concord Law School from 2014-2015, where he gained valuable insights into the legal aspects of healthcare consulting.


Michael Colucci’s extensive experience, problem-solving skills, and entrepreneurial spirit have made him a valuable asset to Idilus, LLC, and the medical industry. His ability to navigate complex situations with diplomacy and tact has earned him the respect and admiration of his colleagues and clients alike.

Jorge Solis

President & COO

Jorge Solis has been an integral part of the Idilus team for the past nine years, bringing a wealth of knowledge, skills, and experience to the organization. As a passionate and hands-on leader, he is committed to helping businesses thrive through employer services organizations. With 20 years of military service under his belt, including serving in Iraq and Afghanistan, Jorge has developed a strong sense of discipline, organization, and leadership, which he has successfully utilized in his role at Idilus.


Jorge has led several important initiatives, including software conversions and product launches, while also leveraging his military experience to guide clients through complex processes involving tax credits. In addition to his role at Idilus, Jorge currently serves in the Illinois Army National Guard (ILNG), where he has shared his expertise by developing and implementing Risk and Safety programs, IT, and accounting procedures for multiple PEOs. The Idilus team is truly fortunate to have someone of Jorge’s caliber on board, and his contributions continue to help the organization serve its clients with distinction.

Karin N. Colucci

VP of Human Resources

Idilus is incredibly fortunate to have Karin as a key member of our team for the past 16 years.  Karin is a leading advocate for effective employee communication as the first step to building long-term, mutually beneficial relationships and successful organizations. She understands that relationships are vital for companies to attract and retain the most talented employees.


At Idilus, Karin is responsible for helping our clients maximize employee participation and cultural engagement while ensuring compliance with all obligations. As the leader of our human resources team, Karin skillfully manages the development of benefit programs, policy and procedure materials, employee and employer communications, and client and employee experience.


Karin’s career path began in communication design, but she quickly realized her passion for internal corporate communication and policy.  She re-educated herself and studied human resources, conflict resolution, and social work, which enabled her to become a licensed social worker (LSW) and certified addictions counselor (CADC), in addition to obtaining an MBA degree in 2009 and becoming a certified professional in human resources (PHR).  We are honored to have such a talented and dedicated team member.

Amly Mathew

VP of Payroll

Amly is a respected leader who oversees the payroll team at Idilus. She brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the role, with a Bachelor of Science in Accounting and over 20 years of experience in payroll and accounting. Amly’s expertise extends to using iSolved & PrismHR, and completing system data transfers.


Before joining the Idilus team, Amly worked for a smaller company as a payroll tax specialist with a focus on taxes. Prior to that, she gained experience in payroll, accounting, and replenishment buying during her twelve years at Wirtz Beverage.


Amly’s contributions to the Idilus team are invaluable, and her dedication and hard work are highly appreciated. Her leadership and expertise make her a valuable asset to the company, and we are proud to have her on our team.

Lori Von Drasek

Project Manager

Lori joined Idilus in 2019 and quickly demonstrated her remarkable value to our team. With her impressive background in hospitality and experience at Kendall College, Lori possesses exceptional client support skills and a unique ability to build solid and effective teams. Her outstanding work ethic is apparent in her adaptability, eagerness to learn, and willingness to ask thought-provoking questions that help us improve our services. Since joining Idilus, Lori has continually risen to any challenge and has consistently identified new strategies to enhance our product.

Kristi Cox

Tax Analyst

Kristi Cox joined Idilus in 2022 as a Tax Analyst. She is responsible for coordinating the PEO’s federal and state tax filings. After obtaining a B.A. in Psychology from Rollins College (Florida), Kristi started her career in property management, where she was a property manager for eight years. During this time, she gathered accounting and finance acumen, which later helped her to land a job at iSolved, our HRIS partner, where she worked in the tax team. Idilus eventually noticed Kristi’s talent and skills, and she was recruited as a part of our team.


At Idilus, Kristi feels right at home. She enjoys working with her colleagues as part of a tight-knit team, where everyone shares a strong commitment to quality service delivery to our clients. She attributes her success at Idilus to our company culture, which fosters a team-focused environment. Kristi loves working at Idilus, where she feels like she is part of a family every day.

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