Payroll Services

Keeping your staff happy starts with ensuring accurate payouts for hours worked. At Idilus HR, we are available to perform a series of payroll services. Our payroll administration and outsourcing services are designed to save you time and energy while still ensuring that your staff members receive accurate paychecks. We partner with small businesses throughout the country to deliver the right solutions. Contact us today to learn about our options for your organization.

Payroll Administration Saves You Money

When you own your own business, it can be stressful and expensive to turn to an outside source for payroll services. However, business owners that work with a PEO save an average of 100 hours per week and 21% on costs associated with HR administration and compliance.
Whether you have 10 employees or 100, turn to us to take on your payroll outsourcing services. Our goal is to deliver the leading standard of service for each of your needs. We make it easy for you to accomplish your daily activities while still keeping your employees paid on time.

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Customized Payroll Outsourcing Options

One of our company’s primary goals is to ease our clients’ workload as the HR administration and compliance landscape increases in complexity. From 1980 to 2000 alone, the number of labor laws and regulations grew by nearly 67 percent. Our specialists partner with you to provide maximum coverage and optimal customer service for each of your payroll services. With our help, you will save valuable time and money to focus on what matters most–growing your business and its profitability.
Holidays? Paid time off? Vacation time? We can manage it all. We meet with employers to learn their specific payroll and HR needs, and we take it from there. By reducing administrative headaches, we free employers to focus on building a successful future for their organization.

Essential HR Support

Don’t feel overwhelmed by all that you have to accomplish during the day. Our staff is here to provide you with HR support for each of your needs. We focus on the details to deliver results that help you achieve your goals. Our payroll, HR, and custom benefit design services include the following:
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• Professionally Administered Payroll
• Web-Based Payroll Portal
• Automated Time & Attendance
• Direct Deposit at No Additional Cost
• Online Review of Direct Deposits
• Section 125 & 132 Administration
• Unlimited Access to Certified HR Professionals
• Integrated Benefit Portfolio
• Payroll Tax Filing
• Workers Compensation Coverage & Administration
• Employer Practices Liability Insurance Coverage & Administration

Custom Benefits Design

As a business owner, you value your employees. Show your staff that they are important to you when you participate in custom benefit design. At Idilus HR, we serve companies looking for administration of benefits throughout the country. With our services, you will improve employee satisfaction while you keep your staff members happy and healthy at work. Contact us to request our service options for each of your needs.

Complete Administration of Benefits

Today, it is not enough to just pay your employees a fair wage. To truly be a good place to work, a business must provide staff members with different benefits, including health insurance and 401K plans. When you deliver these benefits to your staff, you will foster the right environment at the office.

At our company, we are available to take on your employee benefits administration. We handle the customization and administration of benefits so employers are free to focus on organizational growth and future success. When combined with our payroll services, our custom benefit design options will ensure that you keep your employees happy and satisfied. We are happy to help you choose the right benefits to offer your staff members. Simply call to speak with us for a full consultation for each of your needs.

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Top Employee Benefits Administration

A recent study showed that 78 percent of employees consider health insurance the most important benefit they receive. Whether you are looking for efficient health insurance plans or a convenient 401K policy, our staff is here to help you.

As a leading professional employer organization (PEO), we have the ability to negotiate lower insurance rates by creating a larger employee pool. This allows us the opportunity to tailor benefits packages to an organization’s specific needs, helping business owners attract talent, contain costs, reduce turnover rates, and improve employee satisfaction.

Without partnering with a PEO, most small businesses simply cannot afford a custom benefit design for their benefits packages. With the services from our company, employers can handpick which plans work best for their workforce. Our custom benefits design program offers the following à la carte services:
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• One Point Of Contact for All Benefits
• Competitive Benefit Rates
• Payroll Integration
• Comprehensive New Hire Enrollment Materials
• COBRA Administration
• 19 Cigna PPO Health Plans
• BC/BS Health Plan
• 3 Guardian Dental Options
• Guardian Vision, Long Term Disability, Short Term Disability & Life Insurance
• Flex Spending Account Administration
• Employee Assistance Program
• TransAmerica 401K Plan

Risk Mitigation Service

Staying on top of employment laws is an important step to take as a business owner. However, with all of the changes in policies, how can you be sure that you are in compliance with all regulations? At Idilus HR, we offer a risk mitigation service, for small businesses throughout the country. By following our business risk management solutions, you will ensure a safe place for each of your staff members. Turn to us today to safeguard your company against compliance issues.

The Importance of Business Risk Management

In the last 5 years, 6 out of 10 employers faced employment lawsuits, with nearly half of the claims filed against companies with 15-100 employees. Today’s federal, state, and local employment laws are ever-changing and increasingly complex. Between 1980 and 2000 alone, the number of labor laws and regulations grew by nearly 67 percent.

By partnering with Idilus HR for risk management services, employers can focus on organizational growth while we ensure their business remains compliant and up to date on the latest labor law changes and industry best practices. We not only share the risk but specialize in resolving workplace situations, including injury or employee relations issues, and offer comprehensive employee training and development to encourage a safe and positive work environment.

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Risk Management Services: Creating a Safe Work Space

Don’t leave your employees at risk of injury on the job when you partner with Idilus HR to protect your business and ensure comprehensive and consistent compliance. We offer a series of service options to create the right work environment for you and your staff members. Our HR support is available for small companies located around the country.

Idilus conducts HR assessments to identify problem areas or weaknesses that businesses should be aware of regarding compliance. Through our risk mitigation service, we help employers address issues, improve employee relations and satisfaction, and keep staff engaged in their workplace. Our Risk Mitigation Services Include the Following options for each of our clients:
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• Statutory Workers’ Compensation Coverage, Administration & Annual Audits
• Administration of Employment Practices Liability Insurance (EPLI)
• Safety Evaluations & Training to Ensure OSHA Compliance
• Written Safety Program Development
• Management of Unemployment & Disability Claims & Inquiry
• Workers’ Compensation Premium Collection
• Administration of Incident Reports & Workers’ Compensation Claims
• Maintenance of Employment Records, Processing Immigration Verifications & HIPAA Compliance

Contact us in Warrenville, Illinois, to use our services to improve your company. We are available to perform payroll services, custom benefit design and business risk management throughout the country.